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Ithaca "Regulator #1"

Ithaca "Regulator #1"

Walnut, S/N 219, 10/30/1869.

There are many different colors of walnut used on this clock, and there are lots of decorations and carvings. The carved wood angel at the top of the case is very detailed. The three top finials are delicate and made of wood. The carved wood fretwork at the top is also very delicate. I am not sure what the applications on the front and sides are made of, but they are dark and pretty. Note that the side decorations are carved lion heads.

One of the interesting features of this clock was that it could be used as a wall hanging or table clock. The base on the bottom can be easily removed.

There are two mechanisms inside the case. Behind the time dial is an 8-day time-only movement made by Welch. The movement is powered by two weights that hang down the inside sides of the case. The lower calendar mechanism was made by Ithaca. There is an intricate set of rods connecting the top and bottom movements. The pendulum hangs down the entire length of the case, the rod is visible in front of the calendar dial and the bob is visible through a small window at the very bottom.

The inside frame is stamped "No 219" and "10.30.1869". Note that Ithaca started the serial number over each year, so this was the 219th clock for that year. There is also a partial original label inside the case. The dials appear to have been repainted a long time ago.

It is also worth noting that I saw a similar clock at the 2012 NAWCC Syracuse clock show. This clock had all the same carvings, finials, and angel, but was not in as nice of condition. It was marked "No 223" and "11.2.69". It is always nice to find another matching clock, proof that this one is authentic and original.

More photos below.

Ithaca Regulator #1, Walnut, S/N 219, 10/30/1865
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