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Ithaca Box Skeleton

Ithaca Box Skeleton

Walnut, height 22", ca. 1880.

Made by Ithaca Calendar Clock Company. There are two variants for this model; an early model with a more ornate top and unfinished back, and a later model with simpler decoration and a finished back. Note that there are other differences between individual clocks due to their being a special order. The early models are more rare and this clock looks to be very early.

Walnut frame with ebony accent trim. Wavy glass on all four sides. Top decoration consists of flowers and vines carved from a solid piece of walnut. Both dials and the frame are silvered with black accents. The dial cutouts around the numerals appears to be a very early variant.

The movements, cylinder pendulum and bell are nickel plated. Black paper on calendar rollers. Ornate black knob turns to open the door latch. 8-day time and strike movement powered by two coil springs.

According to several NAWCC collectors everything on this clock is original, except for the calendar hand which is a correct replacement.

More photos below.

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