Gerbr Resch 30-Day Calendar

Gerbr Resch 30-Day Calendar

Height 53 1/2", circa 1872.

There are many Vienna regulators available in the market but this one is unusual. The case is beautifully decorated with hand carvings, and nothing is broken or missing. Tamra really likes the carved lion head. To the left side is a porcelain calendar scale showing the day of the month, and a brass arrow attached to the weight points to the day. Porcelain dial, ornate hour and minute hands, and a porcelain beat scale. Simple door hook on the left. The 30-day movement is stamped "Gerbr. Resch Ebensee Ob. Dest. Remember O.V.R.M.Co" and "200000 43463".

Vienna-style clocks with signed "Remember" movements are highly sought after by collectors because of their superior mechanical quality.

Additional photos below.

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