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Seth Thomas "Parlor Calendar #10"

Seth Thomas "Parlor #10"

There are two versions of this clock. And this is the earlier fancy version with many carvings. Solid walnut, burled mahogany and ebony accents. Circles, railing and acorns on the top. Lion heads on side with tongue and teeth. Eight columns and assorted panels and accents on front. Huge clock at 36" high.

Top painted metal dial shows the time of day and has the ST logo. Lower painted dial shows the day of month and is signed "Patented Feb 15, 1876". The day and month are on rollers visible through openings in the lower dial.

8-day time and strike with perpetual calendar. Door locks using winding key. Nickel plated bezels. Simple brass pendulum. Wood pulleys at top of case. Amazingly this clock has the original wood covers for the pulleys, wow.

Gorgeous label inside the door. Stamped "8881D" on the back, so this was manufactured in 1888.

Additional pictures below.

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