Welch "Calendar Lever"

Welch "Calendar Lever"

Rosewood veneer, ca. 1855-1869.

Simple calendar with a single hand showing day of month. 10" painted dial marked "Patent Lever Escapement". Lever movement is visible through openings in the dial at the 12 position and center. 30-hour time and strike movement with a small seconds hand.

Looks like the manufacturer decided to cover the original label on the back with another one that is slightly smaller. The larger label is mostly hidden except for some decorations and the letter "S". The top label says "Thirty Hour MARINES, manufactured by the E. N. Welch Mfg. Co., Forestville Conn. U.S.A., Patented December 11th, 1855".

The label is also stamped "T. R. Burrows, dealer in clocks, watches, jewelry and musical instruments, Chatham 4 Corners NY". A quick Internet search found several advertisements by the jeweler in the Chatham Courier newspaper, issues May 31 1866 and Feb 14 1877.  "Chatham 4 Corners" was renamed to "Chatham Village" in 1869 when the village was incorporated.

The back board is also signed in pencil. Hard to make out but it looks like "Mr J Shufelt, Apr 20 ??". John D Shufelt shows up repeatedly in the Chatham history. In the 1860's he was a proprietor of a mill, director of State Bank, co-proprietor of a private school, and village treasurer and health officer. He became village president 1878-1879.

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