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Ansonia Standing "Regulator 18"

Ansonia Standing "Regulator #18"

Height 9' 2", cherry, circa 1894.

This is an undocumented version of the hanging "Regulator 18". There are no signs this clock was ever a hanging clock so I would assume it was a special order. I have not had an opportunity to compare this clock to a hanging Regulator 18 but from the pictures this one looks a bit bigger. It is very possible this one is a one-of-a-kind clock.

The movement is an 8-day weight drive pinwheel, with a sweep second hand. The 11" porcelain dial is surrounded by a 13 3/4" nickel plated bezel. The gridiron pendulum is entirely nickel plated. The bottom part of the case is a newer replacement, I can only guess what the original base looked like.

In the early days each town set their clocks based on the “local” time - 12pm was the time the sun was straight above the head. This caused the railroads serious problems, imagine what happened when two trains with different times thought they could use the same tracks.

The railroads solved this by implementing “Railroad Standard Time”. But there were difficulties trying to keep all the clocks synchronized. The railroads solved the problem by installing highly accurate clocks at the railway stations. And railway workers frequently corrected the time of other clocks to match this time.

But many of the railroad stations were not big enough for the big accurate clocks. So often the standard time clock was located at the local jewelers store. And hence the name “Jewelers Regulator” is used to describe these type of clocks.

Ansonia Standing "Regulator #18"
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