Dwarf Tallcase

Dwarf Tallcase

Oak, height 5' 2".

Very hard to figure this clock out. Case is of crude construction, definitely old with great patina and square nails. Dial has a 5" chapter ring and is silvered brass, four winged cherub spandrels, and a finely decorated centre. Beautiful. Dial and movement could be original as they are the right size. And the striking movement works. 

The wood columns to the side of the dial are part of the door that swings open. Some collectors say this dates the clock to the 1700's.

I did some research and found a couple of larger provincial english cases of similar design, circa 1710. I also found a couple of similar english dials dated to 1690-1710. The gotcha is that there are no markings that I can find. And early american clock makers used the english designs. If american this could be an important rare clock. But I don't have the expertise to say either way. And who knows if it is as early as what I found.

Note that a previous repair hacker made some bad restorations; new seat board that places the movement too low and far forward, pendulum modified from a full size tall case, and the bell attached to the movement with a stove bold. Not pretty. Fortunately the original parts were not altered, so a correct restoration can be done.

Word has it that dwarf tallcases are rare and collectible. Have some information? Please let us know.

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