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John Esterle Tallcase

John Esterle Tallcase

Circa 1818, height 8' 2 1/2".

Solid walnut case with some patterned veneer, heavy. Broken arch top with five wood finials. Tapered wood columns next to the dial, and columns with carvings on middle and base. Beautiful arch design on the base. Carved clawed wood feet. Brass knob on dial door. Painted dial is signed "John Esterle New Holland" with horns of plenty decorations and map of the world. 8-day movement with calendar and painted moon dial. Strikes on a bell. Old cast metal weights. Door lock works.

John Esterle was born in Klingerstow, PA in 1778. It is estimated that Esterle built around 200 clocks during his career. Started building clocks in Lebanon. Moved to Paytown, Lancaster County in 1813. And in 1818 he moved to New Holland, PA where several known clocks are attributed to him.

An internet search found a very similar clock by Esterle. Dial was signed "Lebanon" so it is earlier. But walnut, five finials at top, arched base and a similar dial.

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