J. Martin & Son New York Tallcase

J. Martin & Son New York Tallcase

Height 7' 10 1/2", walnut.

All the wood is beautifully grained, lots of thick patterned veneer. Finish is original with fine crazing visible on close inspection. Broken arch top with two brass decorations. Clawed feet on bottom front. Top brass finial is hollow with a simple metal post, no screws. Columns are tapered. Brass door pull on dial door. Front glass is wavey as well as the glass windows on each side. Painted dial signed "J. Martin & Son New York". 8-day movement with seconds hand and day of month. Door lock is working and the lock key may be original. Very interesting but ugly key tassle is very very old.

The most interesting part of the clock is the documentation, multiple original wills and family notes. First will by Peter Van Horne was dated February 8, 1810 and gave the clock to his daughter Jane. Next Cornelius, Jane, Charich, and then William. The last documented date was 1938. This was an important family heirloom for more than 120 years.

Unable to learn much about Joseph Martin and his son James Martin. Only one clock by James Martin online. References suggest James started making clocks in 1811. But the documentation proves he was making clocks earlier.

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