Monumental French Statue

Monumental French Statue

This is a huge French statue clock at 60 1/2 inches high. Very heavy and solidly made. Beautifully detailed down to the dress lacing and fingernails. Metal itself doesn't appear to be bronze but too heavy to move around to see exactly what it is.

Everything appears to be original without damage or restoration or repairs. Nice old patina showing some age appropriate wear. Porcelain dial is particularly nice without cracks. Missing door on back of ball. Have not yet found a makers mark anywhere on the statue. Movement is marked but can't find my notes on it, so will have to look at it again.

This was obviously an expensive piece when it was made. Keeping an eye out for an old picture of it in a hotel or bank or mansion. My guess it dates to mid to late 1800's. Please let us know if you have information.

The heavily carved oak and marble stand is 12.5 inches high.

More pictures below.

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