Riley Whiting Tallcase

Riley Whiting Winchester Tallcase

Our first tallcase clock.

Smaller size tallcase made of stained pine. The primative construction made me suspicious but we found a nearly identical clock at a clock show. Lower door latch is very crude, metal attached to the knob.

Beautiful painted masonic dial. I especially like the gold. Marked 'R. Whiting Winchester' with arabic numerals. Marked with both hour and minute numbers. There are quite a few masonic symbols on the dial. Two columns, arch and steps. Compass and square. Table with three candles. All-seeing eye. Sun. Moon with stars. Ladder. Scythe. Beehive. Key. Hammer. Red flowers. Heart.

The 30-hour wooden time and strike movement is wound by pulling the weight cords.

Unsure of the age, likely around 1815-1820.

R. Whiting Winchester, 30-hr Wooden Movement, Masonic Dial
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