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American Rocking Ship Tallcase

American Rocking Ship Tallcase

Height 7' 0", cherry, ca. 1835-1845.

Original rocking ship clocks are fairly hard to find and prized by collectors. The majority of the rocking ship clocks did not start out that way, most had the dials modified and rocking ship added. This clock appears to be an original.

Hard to tell who made this clock. One clock source suggested the case was made in Plymouth CT. Several other clocks with similar cases were attributed to New Jersey.

The ship is marked “Wright” and attributed to C.W. Wright, 130 Summer Lane, Birimgham, S.E. England. And there is a nice Wells Fargo & Co Express shipping label on back.

More photos below.

American 7’ 0” Rocking Ship Tallcase, Cherry, ca. 1835-1845
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