30-Day Vienna

30-Day Vienna

This is a Dachluhr Vienna regulator from the Biedermeier period, 1835 to 1848. This was a time of oppression and censorship so the clocks were kept fairly simple. Two glass windows on the front, two on each side, resembling a square stacked on a rectangle.

Early Biedermeier clocks lack decoration, have pendulum bobs with brass on both sides, steel pendulum rods, wooden seat boards that slide into wooden supports mounted to the backboard, and an engine turned dial bezel. Other than the modest decoration, this matches the early description.

The case is veneered in figured mahogany with inlaid wood, likely sycamore or holly. Porcelain dial has no cracks or damage. Beat adjustment behind and below the movement. Old winding key with ivory handle.

What makes this clock stand out from others is the 30-day movement. Most Vienna clocks of this period are 8-day.

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