Ansonia "Porcelain Hanging #3"

Ansonia "Porcelain Hanging No. 3"

Made by the Ansonia Clock Company, circa 1906. Ansonia made many beautiful porcelain clocks, but few of the hanging models were made. This one is in outstanding original condition, no chips, cracks or repairs.

The case is Royal Bonn, the trade name used by the renowned craftsman Franz Anton Mehlem. Franz produced pottery in Bonn, Germany from 1836 to 1931. Ansonia imported the cases and built the clocks.

A flower pattern to the front and sides of the case, and an eagle motif on the bottom front. The primary accent color is rose or mauve, lights up beautifully in brighter light. Porcelain dial with roman numerals. Ornate brass bezel with glass. 8-day time and strike balance wheel movement. Time regulation is done by a small lever at the top of the dial. Rear brass door with simple latch. Strong Bonn trademark in gold on the back.

So what makes a porcelain clock collectible? Rarity of model, color, and most important - condition.

Ansonia "Porcelain Hanging No. 3"
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