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Early Unsigned Regulator

Early Unsigned Regulator

We don't know much about this clock. Some collectors have speculated that it is an early Hatch regulator. Regardless, we believe it was made near Attleboro MA, circa 1845-1865.

The solid wood case is shaped like a bowling pin. Unsure what the wood is but the dark grained finish appears to be original. Upper door is fairly conventional, round wood bezel hinged on right, hook on left, clear wavy glass. The lower door is very unusual. One hinge on lower right and three hooks holding the door closed and in place. The lower wavy glass is reverse painted in a black and gold pattern.

8-day time-only weight driven movement. Painted metal dial with roman numerals. Simple moon hands. Brass pendulum bob visible through the lower glass.

For a while we thought this was a one of a kind. But we found another at a NAWCC show. The other clock was in rough condition and was identical, except for a wood piece on the bottom. A follow-up check confirmed that the bottom piece was lost a long time ago.

Know more about this unique clock? Please let us know.

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