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J. C. Brown Wall Acorn

J. C. Brown Hanging Acorn

Dark wood case is solidly built and shaped like an oak leaf. Ebony door frames. The lower door swings on two crude wire hinges, simple but effective. Brass door knobs turn to secure doors. Top glass is clear and wavy. Lower glass is beautifully reverse painted but not original (may be the only thing not original on this clock). Brass acorn pendulum is visible through the lower glass.

8-day time only movement with alarm. The separate alarm movement is mounted below the main movement and wound through the lower door. The alarm bell is fitted between the movements to the left side. Painted metal dial. Note that the dial center opening was enlarged for the brass alarm wheel, and most of the dial signature was cut out. It all looks like it was done at the factory.

Original label attached to the the inside backboard, made of heavy card stock. "Eight Day Spring Time Piece, Manufactured By J. C. Brown & Co., Bristol Conn.".

Circa 1850, height 27".

J. C. Brown made three "Acorn" clocks, two mantel and one hanging. Word has it that the hanging version is the hardest to find. I only found a couple when I did my Internet search, and they did not have the alarm.

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