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Derry Manufacturing Regulator

Derry Manufacturing Regulator

Height 34 1/2", oak, 1908-1909.

Appears to be all original except for the weight board behind the pendulum. Painted dial is signed “Riggs & Bro. Phila.”. The clock appears to be very simple but it hides something special inside.

The 8-day weight driven movement is damascened and has a “Derry Mfg.” stamp. Several Chelsea collectors suggested this may be only known example of a Derry stamped movement. Movement plates are brass but the gears are bronze. This is extremely unusual and rare. No idea why anyone would make a movement like this. Keeps good time but is very sensitive to forward/back tilt.

According to the previous owner this clock hung in one building near Salisbury NC it’s entire life until he purchased it.

The Derry Manufacturing Company started operation in Derry NH circa 1908 and filed their last tax return in 1909. The machinery and remaining clock parts were sold to the Frank Herschede Company in 1912. The similarity of Little & Eastman clock movements and Derry movements suggest the companies were very closely related. Very possible Derry was a Joseph Henry Eastman company.

Additional photos below.

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