E. Howard "Regulator #10"

E. Howard "Regulator #10"

Height 34”, walnut, ca. 1870.

This clock is commonly referred to as a “figure-eight” clock due to the shape of the case. Howard made this style of clock in five sizes, and this is the smallest.

The 8” dial is signed “E. Howard & Co. Boston” in block letters. The throat and lower glasses are reverse painted in black, rusty red, and gold leaf. The brass pendulum has a simple circle pattern and the wood rod is gold gilded. Behind the pendulum is a red painted panel that hides the weight.

There is a super nice original manufacturer label inside the door. There are some numbers handwritten on the label that I would assume are the manufacture date and serial number, but unfortunately I can't quite make them out. There is also some hand-written penciled script on the inside door. It is hard to read the name but I think it says “Sold Nov 22 1916 D Crucker”.

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