E. Howard "Regulator #58" - daleandtamra

E. Howard "Regulator #58"

E. Howard "Regulator #58"

Height 40 1/4”, cherry, ca. 1900.

This is another Howard clock that came in multiple sizes, and this is the smallest of three sizes. It is curious that the Tran Du Ly reference books list this clock as 42” high as this one is almost 2” shorter.

The 8" dial is signed "E. Howard & Co. Boston" in block letters. The outside and inside finish colors are different on this clock, with a deep red patina on the outside and a lighter shade on the inside. The nickel plating on the pendulum bob is outstanding with a strong damascened wavy line and circle pattern. The pendulum rod is round and made of cherry wood. I did not find a label inside or on the back of the case.

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