Howard & Davis "Regulator #4" with Alarm

E Howard "Regulator 4" Alarm

This is a very unusual clock made by Howard and Davis. At first glance it appears to be the usual Regulator #4 banjo clock, collectible but relatively easy to find. But this one has a rare alarm function.

Howard was an apprentice to Aaron Willard Jr, and used some Willard movements in his early clocks. I believe this to be an early Howard clock, circa 1842. And the 8-day movement was made by Aaron Willard Jr. The movement is powered by two weights, a main weight for time, and a small thin alarm weight in a small channel to the left side.

The alarm winding hole is near the 11 number. The alarm time is set with a small wheel at the center of the dial. The small bell is mounted on the top of the case. Beautiful painted dial with a nice Howard and Davis, Boston signature.

The case might be walnut, not sure, and it is not rosewood grained like some I have seen. The lower two glasses are reverse painted, but not original. Black and gold on old wavy glass, nicely done.

There is some discussion about these on the Internet, so this is not the only one. But the ones they talk about are not complete. This one has everything they are looking for.

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