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Lyre Banjo

Lyre Banjo

Rare early american clock with an alarm function. Solid walnut case with burled walnut panels. Painted dial. Circa 1830.

Time weight winds at the 2 position, alarm winds at the 11. A long time ago the alarm bell at the top was replaced with a wood finial. But we have the original bell so someday we will restore it to the original configuration.

Have not looked it over closely but no maker marks so far. Super nice large paper covering over weight guard behind pendulum. Hand inked beat scale, directions for setup and use, "Repaired by P. B. Guptill, Cherryfield Maine, Practical Watch Makers & Jewelers". Also hand penciled "S. Adams", "95", "32,776" with a circle around it, and "06".

More photos below.

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