Meyer Miniature Vienna Regulator

Meyer Miniature Vienna Regulator

The case design is referred to as Dachluhr, dating to the Viennese Biedermeier period of 1835 to 1848. Key characteristics are the appearance of a square stacked on top of a rectangle and two glasses on each side. They are high quality hand made pieces, and miniatures like this one are rare and highly collectible.

Unfortunately there are many high quality replicas and fakes. So, it is difficult to find an authentic one. We bought this from a highly reputable clock dealer in London who guaranteed it to be all original and authentic.

Circa 1850, height 23 inches. The case is veneered in well figured mahogany and inlaid throughout with a lighter wood, sycamore or holly. The original adjustable locating spikes are fitted to the back of the base. The enamel dial is signed "J. G. W. Meyer, IN WIEN" with an engine turned gilt bezel and blued steel pierced hands.

The 8-day weight driven movement has a four spoke pulley wheel, brass covered weight and dead beat escapement with ebony wooden pendulum rod and brass bob. Inside at the base of the trunk is a silvered brass rating scale plaque.

There are some interesting markings on the back of the case. Hard to make out, but I think it is "9887 11523" stamped and "2231 AD 3824" in pencil.

Wilhelm Meyer is recorded in ‘Viennese Timepieces’ by Frederick Kaltenböck as working in Vienna as a clockmaker in the late 1840’s. 

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