James Ritchie & Son, Edinburgh, Scotland

James Ritchie & Son, Edinburgh, Scotland

Mahogany, ca. 1814-1842.

James Ritchie is one of the famous English clockmakers. His company was located at at Leith Street in Edinburgh Scotland, and it is worth noting that the company continues to build and service clocks today. There is also a large museum dedicated to his clocks.

This particular clock was made for railroad service. The movement is heavy and high quality and keeps accurate time. There is a cutout in the back of the case behind the movement, and an extended post on the back of the movement for adjusting the time from the rear.

Note that everything on this clock is original. In the Americas this clock will not get a lot of attention, but European clock collectors see this as rare and very desirable. We like it because it is big, very simple and pretty, and is a railroad clock.

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