Seth Thomas "Lobby 18 Inch"

Seth Thomas "Lobby 18 Inch"

Height 37 1/2”, mahogany, 1897.

This is one of the larger Seth Thomas lobby clocks and definitely one of the most finely detailed. It has a 30-day spring driven time-only 86V movement, and the old springs are stamped “ST”. A simple brass pendulum swings at the bottom inside of the case in front of a large brass beat scale. There is no evidence of a label inside the case.

The 18 inch painted dial is signed “SETH THOMAS USA” and “R.H. TURNER ILKESTON”. It also has a brass presentation plaque attached lower center that says “This clock was bought by subscribers of Members; In Commemoration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee; 1897”. Turner was a well-known watchmaker in the UK, and 1897 was the year Queen Victoria celebrated her 60th.

More photos below.

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