Seth Thomas "Signet"

Seth Thomas "Signet"

Walnut, height 23”, ca. 1880.

This is a unique clock that doesn’t look like any other clock model. The walnut case has overlapping diamonds and circles with ebony accents. The reverse painted glass has a matching gold leaf circle and diamond pattern. The center of the glass is clear so you can see the brass pendulum. Also worth noting that the bezel around the dial is nickel plated.

Other than the case design the clock is built inexpensively. The 10 inch dial is painted with roman numerals and a small Seth Thomas diamond logo. The eight-day time-only brass movement runs 15 days on a single wind. The inside back panel is covered by a dark Seth Thomas label.

Note that this is the actual clock pictured in the Tran Duy Ly Seth Thomas reference book (2005 edition, Volume I, page 324). According to Tran Duy Ly this clock was made for only six years.

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