Seth Thomas "Suez"

Seth Thomas "Suez"

Cherry, height 44”, ca. 1883.

This is a big heavy-built clock. Overall the case is simple in design, until you look close at the fine trim details. The built-in shelf under the door is an unusual detail.

Unlike most Seth Thomas regulators this one is spring driven, with a striking mechanism, and a seconds hand. And did I mention this is a big heavy-built clock? The movement is huge and fills up almost the entire top of the case. The cathedral gong is loud and slow and beautiful sounding. The pendulum rod is unpainted wood, and the bob is nickel plated and damascened. A nice beat scale is visible behind the pendulum.

Typical of Seth Thomas the 8 1/2” dial is painted, with roman numerals. The dial has both the “SETH THOMAS” logo and the “MANUFACTURED IN THE UNITED STATES” lettering. The brass bezel around the dial does not appear to be nickel plated.

Additional photos below.

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