Stennes Girandole Banjo

Stennes Girandole Banjo

This is a Girandole clock made by Elmer Stennes of East Weymouth, Massachusetts. Not sure when it was made but 1968 is a good guess.

It is an outstanding replica of an early 1800's clock made by Lemuel Curtis of Concord, Massachusetts. Girandole clocks are ornate gold gilt banjos with reverse painted glasses. Many collectors say they are the most beautiful clocks ever made. So, there are many replicas out there.

Typical of a Girandole this one is gold gilded. A carved eagle on the top. Round top with a painted dial. Bezel is gold with balls. Reversed painted throat glass with rope accents and carvings on the corner. Metal side arms. Round bottom where most banjos are square, with more round balls around the reverse painted glass. And lastly carvings at the bottom. Note that the top and bottom glasses are curved and not flat. Inside the case is an 8-day time only movement, pendulum and lead weight.

But this one is unique. The eagle on the top is larger and different. And the case sides are painted white and not the usual finished wood. I have not found another like it on the Internet.

For those that are interested, Stennes lived an unusual life and many of his clocks were made in prison. I am not going to repeat the story here, fairly easy to find on the Internet.

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