Tifft Banjo

Tifft Banjo

Circa 1840. A banjo style clock made by Horace Tifft from North Attleboro, MA.

Walnut and mahogany case with wooden side arms. The carved wood arms are interesting as the wood twists from bottom to top.  Wood finials on the top and bottom. 

The throat panel is wood. And the lower hinged door is the same, but with a small glass opening showing the brass pendulum. The opening glass has a reverse painted gold starburst pattern.

The painted dial is signed Tifft just above the 6.

Now for the unusual and rare callout. This one has a time and strike movement. Two thin and unusual weights hang below the movement. And the bell is squeezed inside the case above the movement.

For what it is worth, I was unable to find another Tifft clock with a time and strike movement. I found another clock online that looks exactly like this, including the reverse painted glass. But it was time-only and not signed Tifft.

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