Parker & Wipple Miniature - daleandtamra

Parker & Wipple Miniature

Parker & Wipple Miniature

This tiny novelty clock is only 3 5/8" tall. Clock and base are two parts. Clock case looks to be nickel plated. Ornate bottom is white metal. Big brass winding key on back. Paper dial signed "A. E. Hotchkiss Patent." under glass. Brass bezel and pendulum bob. Inside of clock case is brass colored. Pendulum swings back and forth strongly. Back stamped "The Parker & Whipple Co", "Meriden Conn. USA".

According to Internet sources these little clocks have an unusual winding setup using planetary gears to allow concentric time setting and winding shafts, with a tic-tac type escapement.

Circa 1880-1893.

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