Birge & Fuller Candlestick Steeple

Birge and Fuller Candlestick Steeple

The clock is named for the steeple shape of the top and the four wood posts shaped like candlesticks. Manufactured by the firm Birge & Fuller of Bristol, Connecticut. Circa 1845.

Mahogany veneer. Round feet at bottom of case. Simple brass latches for opening and closing the two doors. Painted tin dial with a large center opening showing off the brass movement. Roman numerals. Moon hands. Strikes on a wire gong. Excellent label behind the pendulum.

The reverse painted tablets are original to the clock. Both have a feather design. Top tablet is frosted throughout. Bottom tablet has a clear section for viewing the brass pendulum.

8-day brass and steel time and strike movement is powered by leaf springs located at the bottom of the case. When someone winds the clock the leaf spring tension is increased via lifting levers, chains, hoists, pulleys and cast iron parts. This type of winding system is called a “wagon spring mechanism”. At the time this was an expensive mechanism to build.

Very unusual and collectible. Difficult to find good examples like this one.

More photos below.

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