Chelsea "Admiral" Ships Bell

Chelsea "Admiral" Ships Bell

Height 10”, 1908-1909.

On a ship most of the crew are divided up into between two and four groups called “watches”. Each watch takes it's turn with the essential activities of manning the helm, navigating, trimming sails, and keeping a lookout. A ships bell pattern tells a sailer what time it is within the four hour watch shift. Eight bells indicate a four hour watch, with a delay between the hour chimes.

12:30. 1:00.. 1:30.. . 2:00.. .. 2:30.. .. . 3:00.. .. .. 3:30.. .. .. . 4:00.. .. .. ..

The brass case has a screw-on watertight bezel. The 6” dial is the “Special” version, an extra-cost upgrade with silvered dial and raised numerals. This clock can be mounted on the wall or on the mahogany base. The 8-day movement and case are marked with serial number #70879.

This model clock came in five sizes, this one is the second smallest.

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