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Wayne Cline Lighthouse

The original lighthouse was made by Simon Willard and is now worth a small fortune. This is an excellent replica made by Wayne Cline, circa 2000-2002. Like other modern clock makers Cline did not duplicate the original exactly. It is a uniquely beautiful design.

Solid mahogany case in a pedestal form. 8-day time and strike movement sits on top and is visible from all sides. Brass bell mounted above the movement. Topped by a heavy glass dome. Pendulum and single weight hangs inside the wood base. Brass ornaments on the front and brass clawed feet. Porcelain dial is signed "Wayne R. Cline, Bowling Green, KY". Back movement has Cline's makers stamp.

Mr. Cline, now deceased, won awards in several of NAWCC's crafts contests and this is one of his finest reproductions. This specific clock was given to his sister and not sold. We acquired the clock from the family.

Height 33".

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