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James Bassnett Marine Chronometer

Gorgeous example of a clock used in a sailing ship, circa 1841-1855. Everything appears to be completely original. And it runs great.

Three-tier mahogany box. Outer case is for transportation or fastening to a table. A finely finished inner box with the clock inside. Inlaid brass corners, side carrying handles, lock and latch. The top of the inner box opens via a simple brass push button. The lower part of the box with the gimbal and clock is sealed and locked. The brass gimbal keeps the clock upright on rocking ship, but can be locked in place as needed. The leveling bubble over time has lost the bubble.

2-day time-only chain fusee movement tightly fits into a brass bowl, positioned with a simple notch, covered by a screw-on brass and glass door. Fine silvered dial with 56-hour up-down indicator and seconds bit. Dial is engraved "James Bassnett, Robert Street Liverpool. No 414". Gold minute and hour hands. Time is set using winding key on center post. Spring brass cover on bottom of bowl covers winding hole. Ratcheted winding key.

James originally went by the name Basnett but changed it to Bassnett in 1841. After 1854 his clocks were labeled James Bassnett & Son.

Several cautions per previous owner. Don't let the clock wind down all the way. And always move the hands forward, not backwards.

More photos below.

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