Junghans, Germany, Cleopatra "Salome" - daleandtamra

Junghans, Germany, Cleopatra "Salome"

Junghans, Germany, Cleopatra "Salome"

Height 15 1/2”, ca. 1910.

These clocks are called swingers because the dial itself swings side to side. But it looks like magic as there are no visible moving parts. The swing is actually caused by a tiny pendulum hidden inside the case behind the dial. Junghans made a whole series of these clocks, each model with a different statue. The Cleopatra statue is one of the most difficult to find.

There are lots of very good looking replicas of this clock which makes finding an authentic one difficult. But this is an authentic 8-day swinger. The statue has a brown finish and the wood base has an ebony finish. The swinger has copper, brass, and nickel finishes. And the dial is porcelain.

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