Nicholas Muller, Iron Case #54

Nicholas Muller, Iron Case #54

Height 18.5", circa 1856.

Painted metal case with lots of patriotic and industry decorations. The gold leaf eagle is the most prominent feature. Other decorations include a painted red white and blue USA shield at top, anvil and hammer, oil rig, engine flywheel, cannons, drum, steamboat, steam locomotive, fruits and berries, and other gold leaf accents.

Pendulum visible through small hinged glass door at bottom. Paper dial and spade clock hands. Behind lower door stamped "Patent 1856" and "N. Muller NY 54". Clock enclosure behind metal front is wood.

Very impressive in person.

We recently found a clock like this on display at the NAWCC museum. The eagle was not gold and the paintings not as impressive, but definitely the same clock case. Their notes indicated the case was made by Muller and sold by Waterbury Clock Company circa 1867.

Additional photos below.

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