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Seth Thomas Pillar and Scroll

Seth Thomas Pillar and Scroll

Mahogany, ca. 1825.

Pillar and Scroll refers to the shape of the case; arches and finials on the top, columns to the sides, and four thin feet on the bottom. There are lots of examples of these clocks but very few without restoration - the arches and feet are extremely easy to break, and the reverse painting on the glass is usually flaking off. For these clocks condition is everything, the better it is the more rare it is.

Amazingly this one has survived the years without damage or restoration. The wooden 30-hour time and strike movement is typical of Seth Thomas, and there is a nice Seth Thomas label inside the case. There are two other labels inside the case for “John W. Scott, Cadiz OH” dentist and clock maker.

The lower glass is curved, definitely original. The dial is painted wood. The three cast brass finials sit over metal rods and are stamped “England”. And believe it or not the original dust covers are present over the pulleys at the top of the case.

Seth Thomas, Pillar and Scroll, Mahogany, ca. 1825
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