Terhune & Edwards

Terhune & Edwards

Rosewood, height 16", circa 1856.

Ornate front plate is covered in two-tone gold foil and sealed between the front glass and a wooden back panel. The painted metal dial is convex and the hands are curved to fit. The dial board covers the entire inside of the clock, with an opening for the dial, another for access to the pendulum, and two small winding holes just outside the dial at the 5 and 7 positions. The front plate is marked “C Jerome” and the inside backboard has a great Terhune & Edwards label with the "48 Cortland Street New York" address. 8-day spring driven time and strike, wire gong and simple brass pendulum.

An Internet search found only four others. And I can't tell if they are the same clocks. Rare clock.

Additional photos below.

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