Welch 'Indiana'

Welch 'Indiana'

Walnut, circa 1874. Height 23".

Big impressive parlor clock. Black walnut case made by American Clock Company of New York. Carved head and decorations at top. Big carved hanging finials on the sides. Lower wood panels in burled walnut. Painted metal dial with roman numerals. No decorations on the wavy glass.

8-day time and strike movement. Unsure if this is a Welch movement or not. Big brass pendulum with faux mercury cylinders. Strikes on a bell visible through the glass.

Reference Tran Duy Ly Welch Clocks, Second Edition, pages 403 and 404. This clock almost exactly matches the manufacturer catalog illustration. The other clock pictured in the book is the only other I know of, and it is significantly different. Nothing on the Internet. No auctions. And nothing on the NAWCC message boards.

Sister parlor clocks are the Iowa, Kansas, Texas and Ohio.

No idea how valuable this clock is. But given the high quality it must have been expensive to build.

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