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Aaron Willard Kidney Dial

Aaron Willard Kidney Clock

Made by Aaron Willard, circa 1800. It is called a kidney clock because of the unusual shape of the dial. According to an NAWCC expert roughly 100 of these exist, and this one is early and all original. Gorgeous, I went to the Willard museum and didn't see a finer one there.

Mahogany case with patterned inlay and flared french feet. One large finial and two small delicate brass finials on top. Wood fretwork on top. Burgundy colored painted dial mask. The top half of the case sits into the bottom, simply lift it up to get access to the movement and pendulum.

Painted metal dial has gold accents and is signed "Aaron Willard, Boston". Delicate metal hands. The door latches with a simple metal knob that turns.

Eight-day brass time-only movement, cast iron weight and pendulum. Believe it or not the suspension spring looks like it could be original.

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