Cabin Construction

Our cabin is in the southwest area of Wisconsin between Richland Center and La Crosse. Lots of hills and valleys as there were never glaciers here. The cabin sits on top of a hill overlooking a valley.


The original idea was to have a summer log cabin with no electricity, water or sewer. But could not get a building permit approved without putting in an expensive septic system. Ouch. So we changed our mind and decided to build a small retirement cabin.

The first step was to pick the spot to build it.


Building permits were approved so the first construction concentrated on the foundation. Then 400+ foot well, septic, in-floor heat, structure, roof, outside logs, real stone on the lower exterior, electrical, plumbing and a monitored alarm system. Very exciting.

Notice the collar ties (beams) going across the main room? Solid huge pieces of wood. 


Saved some more money so time to work on the interior. Car siding on the ceiling. Split log walls. Drywall and paint. Hand-made stairway. Acid stained concrete floor. Heat, phone and high speed Internet. And a real bed!

The fur rug is a Bison hide we picked up on a Yellowstone trip. Tamra calls it "Buffy".


Now it is time for the kitchen cabinets. Reclaimed barn wood. We have had tons of compliments on these, very nice!


The granite kitchen countertop was handmade by a local craftsman carrying on the tradition of his family in Italy. Word has it that his family is among the worlds best. The granite is from South America and was "brushed" giving the surface a rougher feel.

Important year for appliances too. We now have a stove and oven.

Now the bad news. The expensive heat pump for the air conditioning was not working. A mouse found a way in and committed suicide on the electronics control board. Before we could replace it the relatives built a major mouse condominium, complete with nursery. The outside main unit was completely destroyed. LG did not honor the warrantee saying our mice are unusual and different. We ended up replacing it at our expense. Sorry LG, but you deserve some bad press on this one.


Next was a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer. And more beds.


At this point most of the cabin work is done. Still no garage. And the main door has not yet been painted. 

Credits and References

The Log Home GuyScott Moran's team of craftsmen built the cabin. Highly recommend.

Lou Dolenti, the owner of Bella Granite, hand crafted the kitchen counter. Highly recommend. Last time we checked Lou did not have a website.

Wisconsin Log Homes provided the architectural design and materials. Pricey but good.

Corpian Well Digging and Eric Nelson Well Service did the well and pump work. We have great water.

Advantage Plumbing, owner Craig Haberkorn, installed the water / floor "munchkin" heating system. Recommend. 

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