Ford Jubilee Tractor

One of Dale's favorite cabin toys is his 1954 Ford Jubilee tractor. At this time it is back to it's original factory configuration. All original Ford parts. 6V electrical. Sherman transmission that expanded the gearing to 12 forward and 3 reverse.

What does Dale do with it? Mow with an extremely old and heavy made bush hog. And on occasion move dirt and rocks with an enormously heavy prehistoric box blade.

2007 - As Found Condition

Dale's tractor in awful condition shortly after Dale's uncle passed away. Dale bought it from the estate after using it to clear the rented farm fields of trash and equipment. Too much fun to let it get away.

2008 - Being Restored

Dale took the tractor to a local business that restores tractors to original condition. All apart it looks worse than it started.

2008 - Restored

The tractor has been restored. And Dale is having a blast trying to learn how to use it on the hills by the cabin. Hills tried to kill him but Dale learned fast.

After Restoration

How has the tractor fared? Engine running great. Old original parts are again starting to rust. Two replaced batteries. New voltage regulator. Two major radiator repairs but still original. Dirt in the carburetor. Leaky fuel cutoff valve. But Dale has been able to fix everything that broke.

The temporary fabric garage fell apart. And no real garage. So the tractor was again sitting outside over the winter. 

Credits and References


The local shop had an employee that did a great job with the engine. But he quit shortly after the engine work. And the assembly and painting was not as promised. Painted over rust, hoses and wiring. Some areas not painted at all. Voltage regulator not grounded. Governor and brakes not adjusted properly. Fluid in the tires not removed. Several original accessory parts disappeared. And an original Sherman transmission instruction plate mounted to the steering wheel was destroyed.

Good news is that the shop has gone out of business. So I don't need to call them out by name.

We will do another restoration at some point. But we need a garage.

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